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Featured Recommendations

Featured Recommendations

<br>Why We Believe What We Believe: Uncovering Our Biological Need for Meaning, Spirituality, and Truth

Why We Believe What We Believe: Uncovering Our Biological Need for Meaning, Spirituality, and Truth

How do we get our beliefs? Newberg and Waldman propose a thoughtful, well-documented, biological hypothesis on how our brains process sensory information into our own unique visions of reality. This book brings great clarity to the emerging science of consciousness and explains how these findings about the brain mesh with certain spiritual traditions. Fascinating for believers and nonbelievers alike; Hardcover - new & used from $10.99 By Andrew Newberg & MR Waldman, also wrote Why God Won't Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief.
<br>These Things You Shall Do and Greater

These Things You Shall Do and Greater

explains how the Mind of God - an ancient concept, the Kingdom of Heaven - a religious concept, and the Observer - a contemporary scientific concept: all say the same thing. This book describes the true spiritual journey; its philosophy and science, and the proof that what Jesus said two thousand years ago is still an accurate statement today. Hardcover $24.95 By Greg Simmons, Published by Mulai de Guise Publishing , January 2007
<br>The Global Intelligencer

The Global Intelligencer

is a brilliant clear & free monthly newsletter that offers information on individuals & groups in this world now who are forging new and sustainable methodologies in science, economics, health, social services, alternative energy, education, agriculture, business and the arts. �There are systems that work. Miracles do occur everyday. Inspiration is out there.� And publisher, Cate Montana�s mission is offering an interface for them & all of us who aspire to �a more sanely balanced way of living�. Highly recommended!
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