About Us

About Us

We are a small company that was created to fulfill a need for quality locally made meditation cushions.

We are practitioners of intense meditation methods and disciplines that are practiced daily and at times last for hours, and occasionally even days at a time. There was nothing in the marketplace that could meet our needs so we created our own meditation cushion. Needless to say our cushions have stood the rigors of tests that most pillows are never exposed to.

It has been our practice to create the best products possible, and to stand behind our products not in front of them. We’ve had innumerable reports of improved and deeper focus. And we have some of the most loyal customers on the planet. On our Testimonials Page you can hear from the people who’ve experienced the difference Infinite Voyager Meditation Cushions have made for them. View Testimonials.

We are now offering our Quality Handcrafted Meditation Cushions to the world via the Internet. And, since you’ve found us you must be seeking something unique that will enhance your personal practices. Whether you are looking for a cushion for yourself or for that special someone we would be most happy to assist you.
You are going to love your new INFINITE VOYAGER MEDITATION CUSHION!

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