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What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Infinite Voyager Meditation Cushions:

  • We recently bought a couple of your meditation cushions. They really do what you said, and  they're so pretty, we decided to show them off... Thanks for making such a beautiful and infinitely useful product. Louis A., USA
  • Thank you. I am reading all of your emails today and appreciate the trouble you have gone through to get it to me by the time of the retreat. Having tried Catherine's pillow I know they are great but your efforts to help me out are truly beyond the norm. If you are ever in Salt Springs, Florida I would very much like to take you out to lunch. And of course I will tell those at the retreat about your pillows....I just wanted to let you know I finished the 10 day retreat today and the pillow was terrific. Some others there tried it and took down your web address. Holly S., USA
  • Bravo! What a brilliant concept - a soft cushy stuffing in a meditation pillow. It's deliciously comfortable. Now I can have a nice deep focus without my knees and ankles complaining to me the whole time! Colin A., New Zealand
  • I'll watch for the delivery of my new cushion next Thursday. I've been looking at websites for the last week or two and only found yours the day before I called. It sounds like I'll be pleased that I waited to find the Infinite Voyager! Thanks again for your help in meeting my retreat deadline...Thanks again for the prompt delivery. It was a nice surprise to receive it a day earlier than expected. I love it and can't wait to try it out this weekend. Catherine E.,USA
  • I love my new Infinite Voyager cushion! My wife gave me one for my Birthday and it's great. My legs and back don't hurt anymore. I don't know what you sell these for, but you ought to get a $100 a piece for them!!! Jim B., USA
  • Thank you so much for making my new pillow for me. I had never had one like this before and couldn't believe the difference it made! I'm going to recommend this to some other people I know that could use this too. Thank you again. Carolyn S., USA
  • My husband is a chiropractor, and he and I use your cushions in our daily practice. Ione G., Canada
  • I asked my mom for one of your cushions for Christmas last year. I didn't really care which pattern I got, cuz they're all beautiful. The one that I received was perfect!!! Thank you so much! Misty R., USA
  • Thanks to you for making the cushions for us. We use them everyday in our disciplines. There is nothing here that is like them. We bless you everyday. Barbara M., Germany
  • My sister and I travel a lot and are thrilled that our beautiful new cushions fit so nicely in our suitcases, so we can use them where ever we are. Pam H., South Africa
  • I have been buying your pillows over the last years. I own a total of four and am especially thrilled with the last one that you custom made for me. The care and attention you give to your creations shows in the quality and beauty of what you are making. I personally know a lot of people who are using your pillows everyday, and they've said the same thing. Thank you for everything that you do! Pat R., USA
  • Threw out the old zafu and got one of your meditation cushions. Never been happier. Thought you should know... Bruce T., USA
  • I purchased my first Infinite Voyager Meditation Cushion years ago. I use it everyday, and it is still in fine shape. As my family has grown, so have the number of cushions in my household. Not only do we use our Infinite Voyager Cushions for our daily focused meditation affirmations, but also as seating in our family room, at parties, at picnics, camping, BBQ's and sporting events. I even used my cushion for extra support while nursing my daughter. Now she has her own cushion. Thanks for such an awesome, enduring, and innovative product for my spiritual pursuits and my family life. Trina G., USA
  • We love our new buckwheat cushions. I'm headed to my 5 day Meditation Retreat on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to sitting in comfort. Thanks for such a well thought out, executed and loving product. I hope to introduce many people there to Infinite Voyager. Mary H., USA

You are going to love your new INFINITE VOYAGER MEDITATION CUSHION!

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