Wizard Capes and Rain Gear
Wizard Capes and Rain Gear

Wizard Capes and Rain Gear

Every Wizard needs robes for walking in nature and for covering up in disciplines. Here are our own designs that have stood the test of time and varied conditions of climate.


- quality 300 weight Malden Mills polar fleece reflects body heat back to you...many years of testing in 'The Great Work'

- unique original unisex design can be worn as a coat; or as a cape (with arms inside)

- ingenious big pocket design allows you to access under the robe or from inside the robe to outside

- cuddle up in this for candle focus, gridding; or button-up and march out to that new timeline

- button front overlaps 6" and won't blow open when you are Walking or doing Feildwork (keeping you warm & focused!)

- generous size accommodates many layers underneath (yet slips nicely under the Deluxe Rain Poncho shown below)

- regular back length: 50 inches (regular size - shown in pictures above)

- current color choices: dark navy, teal green (by special order - can be ready before Blue College, order before end of January)

Customers rave: "This one was really well thought out"

Retail: $250.
Deluxe Rain Poncho - unisex

Deluxe Rain Poncho - unisex

- waterproof breathable fabric: wind and rainproof...many years of testing in 'The Field'

- classic design: works well for your Walk and travel about town; photos above

- rolls up nicely to fit into your 72 hour pack; keep one in your car 'just in case'

- generous size accommodates many layers underneath (fits beautifully over the Deluxe Wizard Robe pictured above)

- closed sides - further protection to keep you warm and dry

- regular back length: 50 inches

- includes matching belt to shorten length when needed

- current availability: 1 navy, 1 black (regular size_shown in pictures above)

Customer say: "I love being so dry and warm."

Retail: $185.


Email to specialorderdept@infinitevoyager.com
call Customer Service 360-894-1481, hours Monday- Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Unisex designs are generally 50" long at back. Customized orders are available also.

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